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 Hi, guys! Please see the video below. This is very easy process.
If you use GoDadday or HostGator hosting you have to change some settings
You have to increase increase upload_max_filesize and post_max_size before DEMO Data Install
Switch on ZipArchive extension


Revija Wordpress Theme has very powerful settings. We added some tips to help you adjust theme by yourself





We use the most powerful VC plugin

See the video about VC using



Mailchimp API

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Google analytics


Revolution slider

Here you can find video Revslider tutorials


Visual Composer documentation


WooCommerce documentation


Contact Form 7

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Indeed Smart PopUp

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Layer Slider

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Buddy Press

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Mega Menu

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We do not provide the support for 3rd party plugins and modules. In this case you will have to purchase a personal license on the plugin’s/module’s official website in order to get the help

If you have problems open a ticket here please.

I don't provide any support via themeforest comments

There are 63 Well-organized PSD files:

  • 01-home_v1.psd
  • 02-home_v2.psd
  • 03-home_v3.psd
  • 04-home_v4.psd
  • 05-home_v5.psd
  • 06-pages_full_width_page.psd
  • 07-pages_author_page.psd
  • 08-pages_about us.psd
  • 09-pages_contributors.psd
  • 10-pages_contact.psd
  • 11-pages_404.psd
  • 12-pages_archives.psd
  • 13-pages_tags.psd
  • 14-pages_search_results.psd
  • 15-pages_sitemap.psd
  • 16-features_elements.psd
  • 17-features_typography.psd
  • 18-features_columns.psd
  • 19-blog_category1.psd
  • 20-blog_category2.psd
  • 21-blog_category3.psd
  • 22-blog_category4.psd
  • 23-blog_category5.psd
  • 24-blog_category6.psd
  • 25-blog_category7.psd
  • 26-blog_category8.psd
  • 27-blog_simple_post.psd
  • 28-blog_fullwidth_post.psd
  • 29-blog_extended_featured_image_post.psd
  • 30-blog_gallery_post.psd
  • 31-blog_slideshow_post.psd
  • 32-blog_post_with_spotlight.psd
  • 33-blog_video_post.psd
  • 34-blog_audio_post.psd
  • 35-blog_review_post.psd
  • 36-portfolio_1column_with_sidebar.psd
  • 37-portfolio_2columns.psd
  • 38-portfolio_2columns_with_sidebar.psd
  • 39-portfolio_3columns.psd
  • 40-portfolio_3columns_with_sidebar.psd
  • 41-portfolio_4columns.psd
  • 42-portfolio_gallery_2columns.psd
  • 43-portfolio_gallery_3columns.psd
  • 44-portfolio_gallery_4columns.psd
  • 45-portfolio_image_gallery_post.psd
  • 46-portfolio_image_slideshow_post.psd
  • 47-portfolio_extended_image_slideshow_post.psd
  • 48-portfolio_youtube_video_playlist_post.psd
  • 49-portfolio_vimeo_video_playlist_post.psd
  • 50-portfolio_video_slideshow_post.psd
  • 51-forums_front_page.psd
  • 52-forums_topics_page.psd
  • 53-forums_single_topic_page.psd
  • 54-shop_front_page_with_sidebar.psd
  • 55-shop_full_width_front_page.psd
  • 56-shop_product_page.psd
  • 57-shop_shopping_cart.psd
  • 58-shop_checkout.psd
  • 59-buddypress_activity.psd
  • 60-buddypress_groups.psd
  • 61-buddypress_members.psd
  • 62-buddypress_single_member.psd
  • mobile_menu.psd

I've used the following scripts:

  • apear.js - jQuery plugin for tracking element's appearance in browser viewport
  • audioplayer.js - Audio Player: Responsive and Touch-Friendly
  • bootstrap.js - Bring Bootstrap's components to life with over a dozen custom jQuery plugins. Easily include them all, or one by one.
  • circles.min.js - A lightweight JavaScript library that generates circular graphs in SVG
  • dribbble.js - library agnositc script for adding your recent Dribbble shots to your website
  • jackbox-packed.min.js - Responsive Lightbox
  • jflickrfeed.js - plugin makes it easy to pull Flickr feeds and display them on your site. Below are some examples that can get you thinking about its possiblities.
  • jquery-2.1.0.min.js - jQuery library
  • jquery-ui.min.js - jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library.
  • jquery.bxslider.js - The Responsive jQuery Content Slider
  • jquery.jribbble-1.0.1.ugly.js - A jQuery Plugin for the Dribbble API
  • jquery.modernizr.js - a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser
  • jquery.queryloader2.min.js - Version of the QueryLoader by Gaya Design. Preload images with ease
  • owl.carousel.min.js - Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider
  • plugins.js - custom js for all plugin settings
  • retina.js - an open source script that makes it easy to serve
    high-resolution images to devices with retina displays
  • script.js - custom js for slider settings
  • theme.plugins.js - custom js for slider settings
  • jquery.themepunch.revolution.js - Slider Revolution is the highly acclaimed slide-based displaying solution, thousands of businesses, theme developers and everyday people use and love!

I've used the following plugins:


Clipart for the preview was bought from
IMPORTANT: clipart is not included in the stock file.

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