WooCommerce Prices By User Role

WooCommerce Prices By User Role Plugin provides opportunity to establish different prices for each customer group. Also you can do only product catalog without prices and show custom notification instead price.

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There are several requirements for use of  Prices By User Role
  1. WordPress 3.8.x, WordPress 3.9.x, WordPress 4.0.x,
  2. Use of the, WooCommerce 2.0.x, WooCommerce 2.1.x
    Should be installed WooCommerce Plugin!
  3. A WordPress WooCommerce Compatible Theme
    The WordPress theme you use must properly intagrated  WooCommerce templates. That means using hooks (for advanced users/developers) or using our catch-all woocommerce_content() function inside your theme.

WordPress Plugin Uploader

You can install Prices By User Role via the WordPress plugin uploader without unzipping the file.

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  3. Click Upload
  4. Click Choose File and select the woocommerce-woocartpro.zip
  5. Click Install Now.
  6. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


You can also install Prices By User Rolet via FTP

  1. Decompress the .zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon.
  2. Find the woocommerce-prices-by-user-role folder (this directory is created when you unzip the file).
  3. Upload the woocommerce-prices-by-user-role folder to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  4. Navigate to your Control Panel: Plugins
  5. Under Prices By User Role, click Activate

What did this do?

Installing the Plugin doesn’t automatically  change prices on your site. Once you install the plugin, you’ll get a new Control Panel Prices by User Role under WooCommerce Section in Administrator Panel.


  1. Navigate to Prices By User Role Section in under WooCommerce, tab “Settings”
  2. Hide Add to Cart Button - hides Add to Cart Button for unregistered users
  3. Tick Option “Show Prices only for Registered Users” if you need to hide prices.
  4. Text for Non-Registered Users – here you can type in text which will be displayed for unregistered users. If you need use links or custom style, type html text
  5. Hide Prices for User Roles - tick  the user roles for which you want to hide price
  6. Text for Registered Users with Hidden Price - here you can type in text which will be displayed for user  roles with hidden price. If you need to use links or custom style, type in html text
  7. Discount or Markup for all Products choose discount or markup for all products. This value will be subtracted (discount) or added (markup) to the Regular Price for all products
  8. Pricing Roles - here you can see user groups that will be displayed for each product. To activate new group for individual pricing just check box with user group name.
  9. Display the Regular Price on Product Page  - here you can enable displaying discount info for  registered users with special price on product page and on cart page. User will see something similar to the following:
Price: 100$
Your  Price: 50$
You Save: 50%

10. Add New Role – here you can add new user role, type in label and click Add New Role

Setup Price for User Role

After you are done with the settings, open your product (Edit Product or Add New), you will see the new price field for active User Role. Type in your price and save product:


New Field for User Role Price

After Updating the Product, User with this Role will see only this price

With import feature you can do bulk import for next Product Types:
  • Simple Products
  • Virtual Products
  • Downloadable Products
  • External Products

The file uploads the next data:

  • Images via a URL (Requires allow_url_fopen or cURL on your server)
  • Featured Image
  • Categories and Tags with hierarchical (Add new one if they don’t exist)
  • Import Custom Fields
  • Map any CSV column to any Product field
  • If you include a header row, the plugin will attempt to map column values to product fields automatically.
  • Vvalidationfor multiple-choice fields (fields with a limited set of valid values like yes/no, instock/outofstock, etc.)
  • Dollar signs, commas, etc. are stripped out of number fields like prices, weight, length, width, height
  • If SKU already exists, existing product is updated rather than inserting new product.
  • If SKU already exists and importing images, will skip duplicate image imports.
  • Locale settings are supported to better handle importing files with special characters and other alphabets.
Sample CSV file is included to help you get started. (example.csv)

List of Importable Attributes:

  • post_title (Name)
  • post_content (Description)
  • post_excerpt (Short Description)
  • post_status (Post Status — Publish, Draft, Trash, etc.)
  • menu_order (Menu Order)
  • comment_status (Comment/Review Status — Open, Closed)
  • ping_status (Trackback/Pingback Status — Open, Closed)
  • _regular_price (Regular Price)
  • _sale_price (Sale Price)
  • User Role Price
  • _tax_status (Tax Status)
  • _tax_class (Tax Class)
  • _visibility (Visibility)
  • _featured (Featured)
  • _weight (Weight)
  • _length (Length)
  • _width (Width)
  • _height (Height)
  • _sku (SKU)
  • _downloadable (Downloadable)
  • _virtual (Virtual)
  • _stock (Stock)
  • _stock_status (Stock Status)
  • _backorders (Backorders)
  • _manage_stock (Manage Stock)
  • product_cat (Categories, by Name or ID)
  • product_tag (Tags, by Name or ID)
  • product_shipping_class (Shipping Class, by Name or ID)
  • Custom Fields
  • Product Images (By URL or Local File Path)
  • _button_text (Button Text, for External Products)
  • _product_url (Product URL, for External Products)
  • _file_paths (File Paths, for Downloadable Product)
  • _download_expiry (Download Expiration, in Days)
  • _download_limit (Download Limit, an integer)

To import file into a WordPress bfollow these steps:

  1. Go to WooCommerce → Price by Role in the admin panels.
  2. Choose "Import" tab  from the list.
  3. Upload this import file using the form provided on that page.
  4. You will first be asked to map the attributes in this export file to WooCommerce fields on the web site. For each attribute, you may choose to map to an existing WooComerce field on the web site
  5. WordPress will then import each of the products, and categories contained in this file into your shop


If you want give acces to prices for some user, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin Panel Users (yoursite.com/wp-admin/users.php)
  2. Add New User
  3.  Regardless of that setting, you can manually create new users here.
Strength Indicator This indicates if the password you entered is Very Weak, Weak, Medium, or Strong (displayed in green). The stronger the password the more secure the login. Hint: The password should be at least seven characters long. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols like !”?$%^&).