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The template has 86 HTML files:

        <!--meta info-->
        <!--include stylesheet,favicon,fonts and fonticons-->
        <!--side menu-->
                <!--close sidemenu button-->
            <!--main menu-->
            <!--header markup-->
                <!--top part-->
                            <!--contact info-->
                            <!--social icons-->
                <!--header bottom part-->
                                    <!--main navigation-->
                                    <!--searchform button-->
            <!--revolution slider-->

            <!--who we are-->
                        <!--tabs nav-->
                        <!--tabs content-->
            <!--what we do-->
                    <!--first four services-->
                    <!--second four services-->
            <!--our featured projects-->
                    <!--projects carousel-->
                <!--carousel nav-->
                        <!--our clients-->
                            <!--clients carousel nav-->

                            <!--about us-->
                            <!--contact info-->
                <!--bottom part-->

        <!--back to top button-->

        <!--include scripts-->


This template uses 11 css files:

The main CSS file is style.css and has the following structure:

/* ----------------------------------
    1. Reset default browser styles
    2. Basic classes and elements
    3. Colors
    4. Typography
    5. Header
    6. Sliders
    7. Tabs,Accordions,toggles
    8. Carousels
    9. Twitter Feed
    10. Lists and navigations
    11. Buttons
    12. Tables
    13. Icons
    14. Main content elements
    15. Forms
    16. Footer
    17. Animations
    18. Responsive changes
    19. Retina ready

This template includes 22 Javascript files.

The template has 2 types of layout: Boxed and Wide.

Open HTML in editor and search div with the name "_layout"

Change boxed_layout or wide_layout for Boxed or Fullwidth layout


To change a contact form email address just open php/contact.php and insert you email instead of

To change a subscription form email address just open php/newsletter.php and insert you email instead of

First, create your own keys at the Create your own application and generate keys for you domain.

Second, open the twitter\index.php file and replace the current keys with yours:

    // Your Twitter App Consumer Key
    private $consumer_key = 'prGwIqh0DxorZcltCReQ7Q';

    // Your Twitter App Consumer Secret
    private $consumer_secret = 'Ovmq7ekQnLwc883fpqfEdAAhc4sLSWb609j566aXnok';

    // Your Twitter App Access Token
    private $user_token = '308471286-9tVgRFg0wIALwviPpp8QduLKPkYTM3AhPpClO6DW';

    // Your Twitter App Access Token Secret
    private $user_secret = 'trpkaAjNXydy0pvDeswANtw9zjhnOvSkYhqJukZsK8';

Third, open the js\custom.js file, in line 740 find the following code:

username: 'fanfbmltemplate',

Replace fanfbmltemplate with your twitter username.

There are 73 Well-organized PSD files:



Classic Portfolio

Sortable Portfolio Grid With Text

Sortable Portfolio Grid Without Text

Sortable Masonry Portfolio

Single Project pages

Classic Blog

Grid Blog

Masonry Blog

Single Blog Post Pages


I've used the following scripts:

All clipart, sounds and videos are my own work and belong to me.
Your can use them only for your personal needs.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section or